Elite Orthopaedics of North Hills

Specializing in Joint Replacement

Elite Orthopaedics of North Hills brings exceptional orthopedic surgical care to our community. We excel in providing surgical treatments to correct orthopaedic injuries and problems of the knee, hip, ankle, foot, shoulder, elbow and hand. Our orthopaedic surgeon believes that each patient deserves respectful treatment. You will find that Dr. Thomas Carrell specializes in orthopedic joint replacment and practices medicine with honesty, integrity and compassion.

The entire staff at Elite Orthopaedics of North Hills is helpful and accommodating, and our team is dedicated to meeting your needs.

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Commitment to Communication

We believe in open communication with patients and will readily answer your questions. Dr. Carrell and staff together make up a care team that is compassionate, efficient, friendly, and diligent in their response to patient needs as well as communications with other physician offices for referrals and follow up. Quick response and clear communication are our top priorities.

Patient Philosophy

We invest in building relationships with our patients. These relationships are built with time and attentiveness, delivered in the context of competency and care.